Good dental hygiene is very important and should be done regularly!

Brushing and flossing your teeth are very good oral hygiene habits and should be done frequently.

Healthy teeth gives good breath and makes for a good impression and creates confidence with others.

  A beautiful smile is priceless! 

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Regular check-ups and cleaning are important to minimize the risk of tooth decay and to ensure that your child’s baby teeth are not affecting the progression and growth of their permanent teeth.

Sometimes corrective measures are needed so teeth grow in straight. We are able to offer the latest in retainers and clear braces. As your children reach their teenage years, wisdom teeth may need to be extracted.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth and tongue at least twice a day or after every meal. 

dental hygiene and teeth cleaning

According to the Canadian Dental Association:

"48% of Canadians who haven't seen a dentist in the past year have gum disease. Regular dental exams and professional cleaning are the best way to prevent problems before they get worse" Gum disease is directly related to heart problems and diabetes.

tooth cleaning, teeth whitening , tooth bleaching

For your own personal dental needs, you may want to whiten your teeth or have some esthetic dentistry performed such as crowns, bridges, veneers. We offer full and partial dentures services. We are able to perform dental surgery from root canals, gum treatment to gingival grafts. We can provide you with a complete range of family and esthetic dental services.

Optimum Smile Care Centre will provide you with the quality family dental services at affordable prices. We are happy to accept new patients, we gladly accept dental emergencies. We are here for you!

Give us a call for an appointment. Optimum Smile Care Centre is very well located in Dollard des Ormeaux serving the West Island of Montreal including Pointe-Claire, Pierrefonds, Kirkland, Roxboro, Beaconsfield and the surrounding area.

Healthy Teeth makes for a Healthier and Happier person with a more Attractive Smile!

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OraVital Gum Treatment
OraVital Gum Treatment
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